The ChapterNet Student Dashboard is your "one-stop shop" for everything related to our chapter's scholarships. This is where students log in to create or update your profile, and apply for the scholarships you're eligible for. And it's not just our chapter's scholarships -- you'll see opportunities from Scholarship America's partners across the nation.  Since its inception in 1989, Twin Cedars Dollars for Scholars awarded scholarships only for the first year of post-secondary education.  The Chapter received an endowment fund contribution in memory of Dolores Bailey Dykstra, Bussey Class of 1952, with the earnings earmarked for scholarships for the second year of post-secondary education.  The Chapter received an endowment contribution from John "Jack" and Mary U. Duffy, with earnings earmarked for scholarships for four years of post-secondary education.  You can also use your Dashboard to apply for scholarships other than the Twin Cedars Dollars for Scholars scholarship at any time and for any and all years you attend an accredited post-secondary education institution.  You may login to create and/or update your profile at any time, you may even begin when you are a high school freshman, and use the profile page to enter and keep track of all of your activity and award information.  Just be sure to keep your login information and password in a readily accessible place.


You may wish to print this page to be aware of all requirements, dates, and important information that is applicable to both parents and students.

The following information is applicable to the Dolores Bailey Dykstra 2nd-year scholarship for 2018-2019:

To be eligible, you must (1) be a Twin Cedars Jr-Sr High School graduate, (2) be starting your second year of post-secondary (college) education in 2018, and (3) complete and submit your application by the deadline.  The scholarship opens June 1, 2018, and must be submitted by June 30, 2018.  Login to your account below, and Work On Profile.  Under the Additional Info tab, Demographics section, change your Highest Level of Education Completed to Some College, and then click "Save and Continue".  Under the SCHOOLS tab, Grade Level section, choose 2nd Year Post-High School Student in the drop down box, in the College Information Section, make sure the College You Are Attending information is correct for your 2018-19 year, and then click "Save and Continue".  Under the SCHOLARSHIPS tab, "Dolores Bailey Dykstra..." should appear, click on the red "Questions" button and type in your answer.  When you are satisfied with your answer, click on the Apply button.  This is a competitive scholarship, and not everyone who applies will receive an award.  You may receive an automatically-generated email message from Scholarship America regarding transcript/recommendation - you may ignore these messages, as that information is not required for the Dykstra scholarship.  Until the time that you have submitted your application, you may also receive an automatically-generalted email message from Scholarship America alerting you that your application has not been submitted - be sure that you have submitted your application by the deadline.


The following dates are applicable to the Twin Cedars Dollars for Scholars 2018 scholarship.  

First date you may begin your application is anytime.

First date you may search for and match to the Twin Cdars Dollars For Scholars scholarship is

Friday, December 1, 2017.

The deadline for submitting a completed application for the TC DFS scholarship is

Wednesday, March 7, 2018, at 5:00 p.m.


Applicants must attend Senior Awards Night to receive their scholarship

on Wednesday night, May 16, 2018, at 6:30 p.m. at Twin Cedars High School.

Following Senior Awards Night, you must log on to your profile page and accept the terms of the awarded scholarship by

Friday, July 13, 2018.


Please verify that you are using a permanent email address when registering on this site, i.e., don't use your @TwinCedarsCSD email address. We will need to maintain contact with you after your high school graduation to verify where your scholarship money needs to be sent.

You do not have to enter all of your information for your scholarship application at one time on our website.  You may enter and save your information as it is available.  Your application is not submitted until you click the "submit" button - which you must do by the deadline shown above.  Once your application has been submitted, you can no longer make any changes to the information you entered.

Twin Cedars Dollars for Scholars scholarships are not based on financial need, and no financial information is required to be given by a student or a parent in applying for only a Twin Cedars Dollars for Scholars scholarship.  However, financial information may be entered in the student profile when applying for other scholarships.

If you volunteered to help Twin Cedars Dollars for Scholars for extra points, be sure to enter that information on the scholarship application under: Activities, Community Service, Dollars for Scholars.

Checks for scholarships are payable, and mailed, to your school along with a transmittal letter stating that one-half of the total award is to be applied to the first semester/term, and that the other one-half is to be applied to the second semester/term.  Checks and letters will be mailed in early August and late December of your scholarship year.  You will receive a copy of the letter approximately one week before the mailing to your school.  If you make any changes to your college plans, please notify Twin Cedars Dollars for Scholars immediately so that scholarship checks may be sent to the correct school.  Item 8 of to our Chapter's Scholarship Award Policy states as follows:  "The transmittal letter will state that the scholarship awarded to the student must first be used for fees that the institution requires for enrollment, such as tuition and other required enrollment fees, and also for books, supplies, and equipment required for particular courses.  However, if the aforementioned expenses will be paid by scholarships or grants awarded to the student from any other source, including, but not limited to, the institution where the student is enrolled, then the scholarship awarded by Twin Cedars Dollars for Scholars may be applied to other costs assessed by the institution, including room and board."   You should be aware that if the amount that the student receives as a scholarship or grant is greater than the amount of tuition and required fees, the excess may be taxable on individual income tax returns.

If you're a student, logging into the Student Dashboard will give you access to volunteer and internship opportunities, important news about college life, and exclusive resources to help you manage your money, succeed in college, and take advantage of everything Dollars for Scholars has to offer.  Remember to keep your profile up to date and stop by the dashboard often.  New scholarships will be added periodically, and you may qualify for these.

If you're a parent, this is a great resource, too; if you're here to enter financial or other information for scholarships, you've come to the right place!